Our Approach

Our Approach

EPSI Rating Group (Extended Performance Satisfaction Index) is a system to collect, analyse and disseminate information about image, preferences and perceived quality as well as loyalty of customers, employees and other stakeholders to commercial entities, NPOs, governmental bodies and other organisations. The EPSI approach focuses on causal analysis derived from structural model elaboration and thorough empirical studies in order to estimate numerical relationships.

Our approach is characterized by:

  • Independence
  • Proven scientific background and continuous development
  • Regularity in studies and public domain reporting
  • Proven quality of methods and results obtained
  • A┬áset of rich international benchmark databases

The internationally recognized cause-effect structural EPSI-model constitutes the framework for the analytical work. Only proven methods of data collecting are employed, avoiding compromised ones. A set of related questionnaires are developed. Each latent variable is covered by at least three manifest questions developed in order to capture different domains of the latent (non-measureable) variable.

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