EPSI Rating Analyses

  • What makes your customers satisfied and loyal
  • Your organisation’s performance relative to your competitors
  • Employee engagement and experience

EPSI Rating offers

The EPSI Industry Study

Our industry study gives you a strategic basis for building strong customer relationships. Our industry study provides valuable benchmarking. Since we cover your industry you get insight about your organisation’s performance relative to your competitors.

  • The Customer Experience of your Business
  • Important and Performance Analysis
  • Full Benchmark Industry Measures
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The EPSI Employee Satisfaction Index

By using EPSI’s Employee Satisfaction Index (ESI) on a regular basis, one can get answers to questions like: How to invest effectively in the staff in order to increase employee satisfaction? Or What factors influence the satisfaction, loyalty and attractiveness and how can they be improved?

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Special studies

With our expertise within a range of sectors, we conduct customized studies according to your organization’s needs and focus areas. It might, for example, consist of in-depth customer analyses, comparisons between countries and industries or regular follow-up studies to measure development over time.

This is EPSI Rating Group

At EPSI Rating Group we make companies and organizations competitive, using customer and employee voices as a measure of quality. We bring your business forward by studying the relationship between customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and your company's profitability. This is something we have done since 1999. With a system of databases including more than 70,000 indices derived from some 2 million interviews taken during surveys in numerous country studies over almost two decades, ESPI Rating Group is a European leader in stakeholder management and benchmarking. Our studies of CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) and ESI (Employee Satisfaction Index ) result in documented analyses of your business. You get detailed knowledge of your position in relation to other companies in your industry. The assessment is done in terms of image, preferences and perceived quality as well as loyalty and attractiveness by customers, employees and other interested parties.

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