EPSI Sustainable Development Index – A NATURAL NEXT STEP

We know that sustainability is an important part of the customer experience. Sustainable development measurements have been a part of our studies since 2007, and now we take a new step.

Our latest academic research uncovers how the customer perceptions of sustainability affects the customer satisfaction and loyalty. The results show that sustainable development is an aspect that affects the customer experience to an increasing extent. The development of a model-based Sustainable Development Index (SDI) is, among other things, a result of EPSI’s many years of academic research on customer needs, preferences and driving forces. Our EPSI SDI captures the customer’s view of whether the chosen supplier invests in sustainable growth considering future generations, strives for economic success without the expense of social or environmental factors and in general demonstrates social, environmental, and financial responsibility.

Adding a sustainability dimension from a customer perspective has been an important part of our research in recent years. We are now gradually introducing a Sustainable Development Index in our industry studies. This means that all industries and actors that we measure in the future can assess their customer perceptions of sustainable development, and how it affects their customers satisfaction and loyalty.

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