• EPSI Industry Study - the strategic basis for building strong customer relationships

The EPSI industry study

  • Our industry study gives you a strategic basis for building strong customer relationships. It consists of field interviews (CATI) with at least 250 actual customers per pre-named actor in a certain industry and the results is made available to everyone who wishes to purchase it.

  • Our industry study provides valuable benchmarking. Since we cover your industry you get insight about your organisation’s performance relative to your competitors.

  • Statistics will result in insights, therefore, we are highlighting the areas important for you to develop. Our reports can be used in particular to set a strategic direction and define non-financial key performance indicators.

  • We give you the customer perspective. This is possible because we carry out all investigations independently and objectively. No single interest could therefore affect the outcome

Our customer surveys are based on an understanding of what makes your customers satisfied and loyal. What makes your customers happy, or possibly unhappy, is the best starting point in a business strategy process.

We supply both statistics and insights on how your customers perceive your business, in relation to other players in your industry.

In the EPSI Rating Group, we are statisticians, human resources specialists and economists. For us it’s important to be independent in the eyes of our clients. We use scientifically based methods built on two decades of research at The Stockholm School of Economics.

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